The Emily Dahl Foundation

The Emily Dahl Foundation

The Emily Dahl foundation was founded in 2019 by a fellowship of Emily Dahl’s family and friends.

“Emily taught us that all along there was something tremendous within us, and we did not realize it.”

Coping with loss

The Emily Dahl Foundation on coping
with the loss of a loved one

This question has come up many times since Emily died, “Do you have any suggestions about how to handle a great personal loss, such as the loss of a child?” 

It was the wisdom of the Dalai Lama that made me reflect that this does depend to some degree on people’s personal beliefs. If people believe in rebirth, then accordingly, I think there is some way to reduce sorrow or worry. They can take consolation in the fact that their loved one will be reborn…

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Ted Ohlsen and The Foundation

Please get in touch with us if you would like to purchase a carving by donation:

Introduction To Ted & His Carvings

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” 
That is the quote that Eckhart Tolle has at the very beginning of his book “The Power of Now”.
Let me tell you a short story about me meeting an amazing man by the name of Ted Ohlsen who has uncovered his divine purpose of helping others and how he helped me and The Emily Dahl Foundation.
I was in Saskatchewan in early August to visit a Gold property in Northern Saskatchewan in the historic area of Flin Flon, which sits on the border of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  My site visit was just south of Flin Flon which sits ever so gently on the Canadian Sheild amid the Boreal Forest.
We stayed at Twin Falls Lodge and it was there that I met Joan Beatty.  I grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan and I recognized her name immediately from her involvement with CBC radio in Regina… read more

Events with Ted - Upcoming & Past

Happiness Day at Deer Park With Ted Ohlsen

View Facebook Event Event time and place: Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 – Deer Park – 7906 Kidston Rd. Vernon B.C. For an invitation contact us at: 250-558-8340 or The Emily Dahl Foundation presents Happiness

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Recent Events

The Emily Dahl Foundation Presents A Fireside Chat With Acclaimed Author Paul Young

June 8th 2021

“It is from life and experience, events and books, nature and art, intuition and meditation that one is to gain incentive for positive thought and get inspiration for positive conduct.  Paul Young and Ted Ohlsen gave us all a healthy dose of just that. It was beautiful. ” – Sherman Dahl, The Emily Dahl Foundation

Podcast with Ted Olson

December 20th 2020

Listen here:

Modern Happiness - A Chat with Eric Termuende

November 3rd 2020

A fireside chat with Eric Termuende and Sherman Dahl. Special guest presentation by Eric Windeler from Special musical performance from Andrew Allen. Full video:

The Emily Dahl Foundation & North Okanagan Hospice Society Presents Last Breath With Chris Lemons

November 29th 2022

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