A bear is a sentient being. No question about it! And it does not stop there. – The Emily Dahl Foundation

A bear is a sentient being. No question about it! And it does not stop there.

The Emily Dahl Foundation was instantly struck by the wonderful depth of thought available to all because of this video submitted to the Morning Star by Joshua Tanzola when he noticed some activity on his home security camera. Joshua commented how “he didn’t mind” the bear playing his yard and pool.

There is more going on here, much much more. That bear clearly felt at home and safe at Joshua’s lovely home and took the opportunity to relax and play.

Home for The Emily Dahl foundation is a lovely spot called Deer Park on Kidston Road in Coldstream. This property was purchased not that long ago from a very well-known Vernon couple that owned “Deer Park” and the surrounding 5 or so acres for many years. That couple treated the entire area like it was a piece of heaven on earth the entire time they owned it – and it showed. The deer and other animals have called it home for a very long time. Never, ever, was the beautiful and peaceful place ever subject to any negative thoughts or action. Many families of various types of animals have been raised between Kirkland Drive and Kidston Road – it is truly a special place.

The owner once told the writer of this essay an amazing story:

“One day the mother deer that lives here was placing her baby into the hedge so she could go off and leave the fawn safely hidden. She stood back for a moment and the fawn poked out her nose. Mom gently nudged the baby back in and again stood back for a moment. Again, the fawn poked her nose out and again Mommy pushed her back in. Finally, satisfied, Mom left the fawn safely in the hedge. As soon as Mom was out of sight the fawn jumped out of the hedge and danced on the lawn while Mom was away.”

If every human being could connect with this love and depth of being like Joshua did when that bear displayed his true emotions and being – what a wonderful world this would be for all!!

It is considered to be truth by some that that after death one who has not dissolved the illusion of a separate individuality in realization of identity with the Self passes on to a state of heaven or hell according to the good or bad karma or balance-sheet he has accumulated during his earth-life, and that after the exhaustion of this harvest-time, he again returns to earth, to a high or low birth in conformity with his karma.

It is also commonly held that progress can be made, and karma worked off only during a human life; however some have also indicated that it is possible for animals also to be working off their karma.

One might wonder why it is that we are not treating all sentient beings like we should be treating all human beings – as all the same, and all equal – as if we are all one.

Highly enlightened (happy and peaceful beings) lean towards giving the same consideration to animals that destiny has brought them into contact with as well as people. And as such humans like this find that animals are no less attracted to them than people. One would probably find that if he or she could develop this level of spirituality that birds and squirrels may build their nests around and close to them.

Like the previous owner of Deer Park on Kidston Road clearly showed, as did Joshua in Westshore Estates, that they are keenly observant to the needs of animals that visited their properties.

There are so many stories and videos that point to this amazing reality.

Squirrels that have hopped through a window, left open just for them, on to a couch for a tin of peanuts thoughtfully placed for them, and so on. Basically, stories of animals that have felt the Grace of a human.

The Emily Dahl Foundation is touched by this amazing video by Joshua.

Thank you so much Joshua!

It should be a goal to reach the level of awareness of the Self in all, being friendly to all animals and humans. This sort of action by you would have the reward of having all animals and humans being peaceful and calm in your presence. We can all dream of such bliss.

Sherman Dahl

The Emily Dahl Foundation

**Thank you to Castanet & Vernon Morning Star for sharing this wonderful story!**