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A Universe So Vast & Interconnected

It is so important to go home to the here and now and recognize and cherish the positive elements that are always available.

This is especially important when one is suffering.  

The work of Ted Ohlsen can help anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. You can look deeply into the carving and see how the universe is so vast and interconnected. You can feel the tenderness and the vastness of Ted and the Boreal Forest. You can see that world is always changing and you can come to realize that nothing is ever born or ever dies - it just changes and transforms like a cloud in the sky. 
The carving pictured here was given to a lovely young lady named Felicity, who lives in Kamloops. She was excited to take it home and she sent us a picture of where she found a home for it on her windowsill.  

All of this put a very big smile on my face and made me think blissfully. 

We have Emily, Ted, The Boreal Forest, and the lovely Felicity to thank for all this joy!  

Here is the note she sent when she sent us the picture. 

“Hey Sherman, it’s Felicity, I found a nice spot for the bear on my windowsill :)”

Use this practice of mindfulness, you can look deeply and discover the nature of no birth and no death, and find out that nothing can die; that nothing can be lost.

Sherman Dahl
The Emily Dahl Foundation