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Be Kind Whenever Possible, Emily Knew It Was Always Possible!

An old and dear friend of ours came to visit us this weekend at our home in the Coldstream. Coldstream is a special place for him as he lived in this area much of his life, wrapped up with family and business. He is enjoying our home, Kal Park and Deer Park. 

As we all know life comes with tribulations. In 2017 our friend was in Vancouver and he was in one of his down periods and his life had much turmoil at the time.  This is the nature of life. However, all worldly experiences may become doors to divinity if interpreted properly. 

He told our family an amazing story about Emily as we enjoyed dinner together. He came to visit us at a hotel in Langley in 2017 while we were at a one of the many volleyball tournaments with Emily. We were visiting in the coffee shop at the hotel when Emily came down from her room in all her volleyball gear, when she saw him, much to his surprise, she ran over and gave him a big hug and asked him with enthusiasm how he was doing. To this day he says that Emily made a big impact on him with her energy, love, and kindness. This brief moment with Emily is something that he has always remembered as it helped him when he was in a bad spot. 

Be Kind Whenever Possible, It is Always Possible.  Emily did this with so many of us and we love sharing the stories.  

These pictures also show that our friend got one of Ted Ohlsen’s amazing carvings during his visit with us.   Thanks Ted!!  Look closely, you will see the lamp Ted carved has a flashlight built into it – in case you lose your way in the darkness, as many of us do, Ted’s lamp has a handy light to show you the way.  

We are enjoying our time together and sharing the reality that no experience is a wasted one when it is treated philosophically, when not only its final results, but every moment of it is used as material for our strivings toward the ideal and our understanding of the True.

Sherman and Katie Dahl 

The Emily Dahl Foundation