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“Bob Bought Me My First Bike In Thailand”

Bob Sattler's gathering of Family and Friends was full of love and fond memories of Bob. 

This young lady in the photo is with Bob's dear wife Dar, along with a very large crowd of Bob's family and friends. 

She affectionately shared the incredible story about how Bob bought her first bike in Thailand - with a very big smile. She simply said:  

"Bob is such a nice man".   

This was such a powerful example of how we can come together to "be the village", to take responsibility for what one could call "educating the hearts of our children". 

Our care for others, as demonstrated by Bob Sattler, is rich and powerful for the young. It is such a strong example of how we should see no differences between those around us and ourselves. We should care for others as we would care for ourselves. Sometimes it would seem that somewhere down the line as we go through school and enter adulthood, we lose this innate sense of compassion. Bob did not. 

One could argue that in the past, this perhaps made sense. Practically, it may have once been wise to focus on yourself rather than others as a matter of self-preservation. But Bob demonstrated that this time has passed. Today, not only is it unnecessary to think only of yourself – we don't face the same day-to-day dangers we once did – and it is imperative that we build a deep caring for others.

Bob knew that this begins at home and in the schools. This proves that parents and educators have a unique ability to nurture the positive human qualities children are born with – affection, sense of community, a sense of social responsibility. 

We all know it can't be done with a flip of a switch, but Bob's actions show that if even one person takes this message of "educating the heart" into his or her everyday life, then that one person can turn into 10, then into 100 and so on. We all have the power to start this ripple effect.

Bob's life paints a powerful picture and proves this is not just a well-intentioned ideal. It is the very essence of the "survival of humanity". 

We will miss Bob - He was a huge supporter of The Emily Dahl Foundation and will be loved forever. 

Sherman Dahl 
The Emily Dahl Foundation 
August 27, 2022