CANDLES OF HOPE – NEVER GIVE UP! – The Emily Dahl Foundation


This lovely candle set was given by The Emily Dahl Foundation to Adam and Cassie Haubrich when they visited us in Vernon, BC earlier this month.

There is a good story behind these candles.

There are many of us that will never forget the day that Adam Haubrich was involved in a terrible car accident in Squamish.  See link here.
Donations pouring in for Sea-to-Sky man seriously injured in crash
Adam was in tough shape for a number of months - and now he is doing very well.

Adam's accident was a reminder that life is a mosaic of brightly coloured pleasures and darkly coloured pains.

Around the same time Adam was recovering, The Emily Dahl Foundation had received another shipment of carvings from Ted Ohlsen. The Emily Dahl Foundation gives out these carvings to others on a regular basis - always with a good reason or story behind the gift of the Boreal Forest treasures that Ted carves.

On this occasion, this set of candles had been damaged in the shipment and needed to be fixed up - kind of like Adam after his accident.

The Emily Dahl Foundation gave the "broken" candles to Adam and Cassie as a gift.

Adam and Cassie took them home and repaired the candles and here they are pictured in their house!

They sent a note to the us and Ted that said:

"Got the Diamond Willows fitted and lit. They look beautiful and match our house very nicely. Thank you so much for the gift."

The candles and many, many other carvings have been created by hand by Ted Ohlsen for The Emily Dahl Foundation.  Ted is a supporter and friend of The Emily Dahl Foundation.

Ted Ohlsen is well known for his wood carvings, which he says teaches people “to never give up.”

When one has received a terrible blow — such as the terrible accident that Adam experienced or instantly losing your eyesight like Ted did — he or she will understand better why The Emily Dahl Foundation teaches that all living is suffering.

It is only through heart-wrenching sorrow that many finally arrive at the gates of the path walked by others, for they have learned at last that only in seeking some knowledge of the supreme being can they obtain an enduring measure of inner peace. In the calm heart of the inner life — in its strength and understanding –comfort may be found for our outward hardships, griefs, and losses.

Sherman and Katie Dahl
The Emily Dahl Foundation
October 23, 2022