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Children are Heaven

In this picture you see love and acceptance for all.

We should never be too tired or too busy to love children. 

In fact, we should strive to become more like children – more pure, more loving, and more willing to obey. 

Children naturally have faith in people and recognize the immense reality of the universe. They offer love and acceptance for all, regardless of things like age, race, or economic situation. They are quick to forgive, and they notice the needs of others. 

This wonderful young girl has become my friend and I recently gave her one of the hand carved wish bowls from Ted Ohlsen.   

Ted has been doing work with The Emily Dahl Foundation and you can read his story on the foundation website. 

We plan to give out many more of Ted’s amazing carvings – they are a wonderful way to spread the foundations message of self-realization and happiness. 

Sherman Dahl

The Emily Dahl Foundation Feb 12, 2021