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Death, Dying, And Immortality

Not a day goes by without some story, many of them tragic, of someone passing away. 

Just in the last few days reports of motorcycle accidents, car crashes, and today - the very tragic story of a toddler being left in a car by accident by his mother. 

This dismal fact is the stamp on all things, and beings: that they pass away, have a transient existence, and in this absolute sense lack reality. They appear in the movie show for a while, seem substantial and eventful, but are in truth prolonged mirages brought about within our minds. If this were all the story it would be sad indeed. But alas, it is not. That whence they came, to which they go back, does not pass away. That is the Real, that is the Consciousness which gave the universe, of which we are a part, its existence. Out of that emerges this little flower in each life which is the best, highest self. If we search for it and discover it, we recover our origin, return to our source, and as such do not pass away. Yes, the forms are lost in the end but the being within them is not.
Life-in-Itself is infinite and unchanging, but there is an end to the kind of experience undergone by the living entity in its finite human phase.

This meditation and wisdom on our true nature is important to finding lasting joy. 

The Emily Dahl Foundation 
June 28, 2022