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A Holiday Message For The Emily Dahl Foundation Supporters

This question below and the answers in this short video are important to reflect on.

Q. How do you maintain loving kindness when facing utter destruction?

If one has not faced "utter destruction" then one has and will most certainly face many types of challenges and suffering.

This is part of life on this earth as a human being.

The extraordinary capacity for good and happiness that is within us all really does give you "goose bumps" when you feel it coming to the surface.

The Emily Dahl Foundation was created to fulfill the wishes of Emily and to point to the incarnation of happiness that is in each and every one of us.

Emily was full of love and compassion for others and it was a focus in all that she did. Emily always had a big smile and love ready for each and every one of us that spent time with her.

The Emily Dahl Foundation goes further into the depths of who we really are and suggests that every human being has inside them - the ultimate reality - which is infinite altruism for all.

Finding this deep compassion for others is available to us all - it is actually our true nature.

Emily taught us that we are created for goodness.

Natasha Krystolovich, Director of Communications - The Emily Dahl Foundation