Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – The Emily Dahl Foundation

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

From: The Emily Dahl Foundation, Wed, February 16 ,2022 

The Emily Dahl Foundation encourages others to look into nature to find your ultimate self - which is not all the worry and anger that many experience in the busy world. 

There is too much criticism abroad today, too little affirmation. 

Millions of men and women think and live largely on negatives.

Media Headlines persist that are dominated by titles such as “Freedom Convoy" - which highlights anger and frustration within our society.  

The negative thoughts and feelings include excessive or constant criticism, pride, and conceit.

The most violent selfish passions and the most aggressive of emotional urges abound only because they have been brought up to the surface - the better to attack and curb them.

There is no freedom in these headlines or in the actions behind the movement.  

Today humanity has largely lost faith in itself, doubts its goodness, worries about its future, and is bewildered about its present.

If our desires choke the inner peace which might be ours during times of prosperity, our fears choke it during times of adversity.