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Emily and The Glimpse

It was truly a personal experience and nothing more. It is just this.  The looking at the gross body and the physical form of my loving daughter Emily that was no more was the entrance granted to another world of love and eternal life energy. 

This permanent and unchanging world of love and happiness exists within all of us yet is often covered by illusion. This is the true self, the higher self that exists within you. 

The illusion that you produce is real in a way as it emits from within you.  But reality can ONLY be that which is permanent and everlasting.  

Common sense and reason should tell you that.  But it does not.  Your mind is playing tricks on you. It is leading you to false conclusions that you consider real.  You will always be forgiven for this error as it is you that is making it.  

As a famous fellow once said, “forgive them for they know not what they do”.  

But you must stop and inquire within as to “Who Am I?” and do it with passion if you are to find eternal truth.  

It is just fine if one chooses to focus solely on the external. The vast and eternal bliss that exists within you will always be there waiting for you. It seems that the light is always a bit stronger than the dark. However, wandering around in the external world full of impermanence and decaying things will get you nowhere.  All temples, all churches, all books, all scriptures were fashioned by those generally full of ignorance. Do not follow them, it is a mistake.  You must and will discover that the kingdom of the true self, the ultimate, the supreme, is within you. 

Jesus, The Buddha, and other true gurus have taught the path, but most have ignored the teachings and fashioned a world according to the easy tricks of the five senses. 

Everyone has their own path making reality an even more fascinating show for the enlightened. 

But hear this, ignorance is not bliss.  

Your desire to lead your life with illusion and behaviour that resembles the work of a society that only searchs for temporary pleasures will also generate equal amounts of pain as pleasure.  

You know that this is true, and you can only cover this reality by your own ignorance, and this quilt of illusion can only be sewn by you. 

Sherman Dahl