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Emily Dahl Foundation Scholarship Recipient Chosen

Iseult Colclough recipient of the 2021 Emily Dahl Foundation Scholarship

– Photo Credit to Sky Volleyball Club

“It is with excitement and happiness that The Emily Dahl Foundation awards its first major scholarship to Iseult Colclough. The Emily Dahl Foundation would like to send a reminder to all upcoming graduates and Sky volleyball players just like Iseult that If you live each day as if it were your last, someday, you’ll most certainly be right. This will remind you to follow your heart and don’t let anything drown out your inner voice.”

Sherman Dahl

The Emily Dahl Foundation

The Emily Dahl Foundation was started at the Community Foundation North Okanagan as a way to keep an amazing young woman’s spirit of compassion, love, and generosity alive. While sadly Emily will not be going off to university, many young people will.

With that in mind, the Emily Dahl Foundation is pleased to provide a $5000 scholarship for a student graduating from School District 22 to pursue their post-secondary dreams, and to carry on the spirit of positivity and zest for life that Emily embodied.

As Emily spent so many years at SKY Volleyball, and benefitted so much from the friendship, comradery, and atmosphere of caring that lives there, it seems only natural that the Emily Dahl Foundation Scholarship should go to a student who has balanced their academic high school years with a commitment to volleyball and teamwork at SKY.

The Emily Dahl Foundation and SKY Volleyball are pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Emily Dahl Foundation Scholarship is Iseult Colclough. Iseult has played volleyball for 7 years, 6 of those years being with SKY. Iseult intends head to the University of Alberta to pursue a Bachelor of Science and education to become a French immersion science teacher. According to Iseult, SKY Volleyball has taught her to work hard, to respect others, and that being part of a team is a wonderful thing.

From the founders and donors at the Emily Dahl Foundation, the Community Foundation North Okanagan, and SKY Volleyball – we wish Iseult all the best in her future and thank her for being such a caring committed part of our team – our community – and the next generation of leaders in our world.

The Community Foundation of the North Okanagan and The Emily Dahl Foundation will be making a short presentation to Iseult on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, at the Paul Young (The Shack Author) event.  See link below to sign up for the virtual event as the in person live event is sold out – Please Click Here

For more information contact Leanne Hammond at CFNO cell 250.300.6061

The Dahl Family

The Emily Dahl Foundation