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Emily is You; You are Emily, I Am You, You are Me, I Am That, I Am, I Am. 

Are you not in search of yourself, and if not, should you not be?

You will, in time, give up all questions except one: Who Am I? 

After all, the only fact you can be sure of is that you are this or that. Destroy all other thoughts or have them destroyed for you and you will see that only the "I Am" is certain. 

Experience directly, the burning of all illusion and thoughts and your struggle for reality will end. That is, stand back as an observer and see what is real and unreal. Sort out what belongs to who, and who belongs to what. 

To know what you truly are, you must first either investigate or directly experience that which you are not. Have you not experienced that you are not - body, feelings thoughts, time, space, this, or that - nothing concrete? Have you not already seen so much come and go, including your own perception of yourself just a few years or moments ago? Have you not seen other forms, loved, or not loved, come and go yet never leave?  

You enter deep sleep, yet you of have no wonder of it?

Loved ones and Unloved ones come and go leaving footprints that you have not followed. 

You are the limitless being, yet you limit yourself. Awake now and destroy all thoughts and you will live forever. 

Emily is within you and is showing you the way to reality - exposing that you are living a dream. Exposed is compassion, love, and nothing else - which is the ultimate reality with no form attached.  

Forget the thought of Emily, forget the thought of the world, forget the thoughts about yourself and then what is remaining is your true self - the ultimate self - the all-pervasive self that is all self's - what else could you be? 

In the inquiry, you destroy the temporary and illusional individual self, you destroy all individual self's and remain in bliss of the one true self. 

In this awareness you know that there are no loved ones, no lost loved ones, only the one true self - which is permanent and everlasting love. There is no Emily, there is no You. 

Would you give up the individual self and temporary existence for everlasting true love? 

If not now, if not a moment later, if not in the next life, you will surrender to the one true self and find eternal bliss. 

Give up the temporary dream for the everlasting reality. 

It is an inward quest and has nothing to do with anything outside of us. That which is outside us arises only as a thought - which is but a dream. 

Where shall we look? To India or Books? No - here and now, within and without.

Your real nature is divinity.

Awaken from the belief that we are separate entities - this cannot be as all arises as thought and is a movie show. 

The path to reality is through knowledge - work at it.

Knowledge of the self. 

Your Self is nothing other than the absolute self, what else could it be? 

The absolute self is there and shines in no thought and no form. 

Seek the true source and destroy all thoughts and forms covering the real self - turn off the dream.

The real does not die, and the unreal never lived.

The real you is timeless and is not limited by birth or death.

In fact, there is no such thing as birth or death, since there is nothing real to be born or die, only the unreal can exist this way, and is a dream.

The real is in deep sleep, the unreal is not.

The waking and dream states must arise only from the depths of the real.

The idea of a body will be there as long as it is dreamt, but it is only a dream and can be banished by you. 

 It is not important how long this dream lasts, as it is a dream.

As such, the body is not important in any way, as it is a dream.
I exist, I am - there is no other reality. Until you see that you remain confused and suffer in thought. 

The death of all form IS awakening and freedom. Our destiny is nothing other than reality.
Emily or any other form is never lost, just transformed as thought in your mind - this is the truth and the way. 

The shock of this is awareness itself and appears as pain but turns into wonder and joy as the realization of no birth and no death is revealed, ending all suffering in the fire of reality. 

This is the gift of the guru, Emily. 

It is you teaching yourself your own divinity, making you the guru. 

Sherman Dahl 
The Emily Dahl Foundation
November 15, 2021