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Hope, Love, And Compassion – Last Breath Review by Sherman Dahl

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The Netflix production of "Last Breath" is absolutely beautiful. This isn't just a documentary about survival, it's a documentary about why we are alive and to value the important things in life. The main guy was in an absolutely unique situation - trapped under water with almost a clock ticking by and telling him how long he has to live. And the whole thing was on camera.

Most people who watch this will be on edge the whole way. What really hit me was when he said that dying was like you falling asleep. This has the potential of being the spark one needs to truly reflect on the true nature of death and to never take life for granted.

In this way, The Emily Dahl Foundation provides an interesting way to allow all of us to focus on Hope, Love and Compassion.

Join us in this journey into the Self - Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Sherman Dahl, The Emily Dahl Foundation

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Creating Hope And Love - The Emily Dahl Foundation
There is no doubt we are living in a time that calls for optimism, resilience, courage, and vision.
The Dalai Lama said it best: 
 “To put it simply, our life is based on hope, a desire for things to turn out well. Even in the womb, their mother’s peace of mind affects the unborn child. Hope is concerned with the future. Although nothing about the future can be guaranteed, we remain hopeful, which is much better than being pessimistic. On a global level too, we have grounds for hope. We all come from our mother. We grow under her care. Appreciating her kindness, without which we would not have survived, is a basis on which to cultivate compassion. Experiencing our mother’s kindness gives us hope."
“Our lives depend on hope. If you have hope, you’ll be able to overcome problems you face. But if you’re without hope, your difficulties will increase. Hope is linked to compassion and loving kindness. In my own experience. I’ve faced all sorts of difficulties in my life, but I never gave up hope. Also, being truthful and honest is a basis for hope and self-confidence. Being truthful and honest is a counter to false hope. Hope founded on truth and honesty is strong and powerful.”
We can educate and train Hope within Ourselves.
Our human brain, our intelligence, enables us to take a long view, not thinking only of our immediate needs. We can adopt a broader perspective and consider what is in our long-term interest. And we can practice this through mindfulness and mediation.
We are social creatures, dependent on our community. And as members of a community, even people with no faith or belief can keep their peace of mind by being considerate, truthful and honest. Being honest and compassionate are not necessarily religious qualities, but they contribute to our being able to lead a happy life. Being concerned about our own community lends to our own survival. The key factor is compassion. Anger is its opposite. Anger destroys happiness and harmony.
Any contributions we can make to the betterment of the world, it’s our duty to do. The purpose of our lives is to serve humanity.
We can nurture hope and conclude with a quote from the Dalai Lama:
“Be kind whenever possible; it is always possible.”
The Emily Dahl Foundation
 September 22, 2022