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How To Handle Painful Emotions and Suicide Prevention

On January 26, 2019 Emily Dahl took her own life at the age of 18.

This extremely sad day was the beginning of a real search for a much deeper understanding of negative emotions such as despair, anger, fear, depression, and suicide.

It did not take long to fully understand that to truly understand emotions one must begin to understand the true nature of our existence and to truly understand things the way they are.

It is also true that understanding negative emotions is key to understanding almost all forms of “mental health” issues and that the broad issues of suffering amongst our young people today is deeply rooted in our society and changes need to be made.

The much talked about opiod overdose crisis is just another fallout of the lack of attention to truly understanding of the nature of our existence and lack of focus on managing negative emotions in our communities. Like suicide, it is another form of suffering leading to death amongst our young. Our communities made up of parents, teachers, medical professionals and young people are dominated with what can only be referred to as the “wrong view” of the true nature of our existence and a lack of mindful concentration on the very important understanding of true happiness.

It has taken 11 months and hundreds of hours of thinking and meditation to get to this point for me personally and will take an infinite amount of time and many lives to fully learn all I need to learn about the true nature of our existence – but the journey has begun.

Waking up this Boxing Day morning I smile and feel warm and safe in our home. Twenty four brand new hours are before me. I now vow to live fully in each moment and have dedicated my life to understanding the nature of human emotions and will help others do the same. Emotions are like storms – and once you understand how to handle them you can then handle them easily. They come and they go – and we are much more than one emotion. It is so easy to understand that you are more than an emotion.

The Emily Dahl Foundation is a growing tree that will be deeply rooted in Wisdom and Compassion with the goal of helping all human beings through a commitment to mindful concentration ,managing emotions, and happiness.

Please join me now by watching this 10 minute video. When you or any of your beloved ones have strong negative emotions – watch this video.

More importantly – start practising now and help others do the same.

Hold hands with your beloved one together with us at The Emily Dahl Foundation and be mindful and pay only attention to your breathing and you will experience the beginning of instant relief.

Sherman Dahl

The Emily Dahl Foundation