IS – by Sherman Dahl – The Emily Dahl Foundation

IS – by Sherman Dahl

The impulse of the entire universe 
  IS sensed by you as it was by Nicodemus
Consciousness that flowers through the form 
  IS seeking transparency indiscriminately
Grace allows rigid mind structures to die 
  IS it not death before death that finds you  
As thought forms lay on the pyre and the self renewed 

Embracing this divine demise has no space or time
   IS discovered by both dead men walking and the chosen few 
The suffering you give and the suffering you endure 
   IS the root cause for emotions to magically disappear
 As the ultimate result of unbearable crucifixion

Even one that has read none or said little
   IS given the truth seen by the few which
Shines through beyond the being
   IS the sacred gift given to all
Even if the open eyes are few 

Imagine if the destiny of all
   IS to enable the shining truth
Then all shall embrace this death before death
   IS this not the surrender you seek 
Which welcomes the most saintly murder 

The me that gives way to the all
  IS the blissful yes that invites the omnipresent 
The Jakob's ladder that reaches beyond the form 
  IS the unlimited self to which you seek 
Available to all is this wonderful gift 

Some kind of loss or death 
   IS the most powerful entrance
Into the formless you 
   IS it not this space to which you should stop
And look and see than rather not 

Allow no interim form to obscure the paradise  
 IS God not breath in breath
Seeing something sacred within eternal rest 
 IS your ultimate true purpose now revealed to be 
The expression of universal joy and love within thee