Jack.org Founder Eric Windeler to Join Sherman Dahl and Eric Termuende for Fireside Chat on November 3rd – The Emily Dahl Foundation

Jack.org Founder Eric Windeler to Join Sherman Dahl and Eric Termuende for Fireside Chat on November 3rd

On behalf of The Emily Dahl Foundation, Co-Founder Sherman Dahl is pleased to announce that Eric Windeler of the national youth mental health charity Jack.org will join us on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 for a unique virtual event entitled “Modern Happiness” that will be streamed live from the Powerhouse Theatre in Vernon, BC. 

After a brief chat between Sherman and Eric Windeler: 

  • Eric Termuende will give an incredible keynote address:
  • The amazing Andrew Allen, a well-known Canadian Singer-Songwriter will also be performing. 

Eric Windeler and Sherman Dahl met a few months ago when Ginny Dennehy, Co-Founder of 

The Kelty Patrick Foundation suggested Sherman look at the important work that Jack.org is doing. In Ginny’s words “Together we can make a difference.” 

All three families share a difficult journey, ours with the loss of our dear Emily. Eric lost his son Jack to suicide in 2010. Ginny and Kerry Dennehy lost their son Kelty to suicide in 2001. Like Jack and Emily, Kelty was a bright and thoughtful teenager. 

Eric, Ginny, and Kerry refused to let their family tragedies become the last word. In their heartbreak, they saw a brighter future for young people. They were among the first families to talk openly about their struggles. Sharing their story could have an impact, and they knew it. The Emily Dahl Foundation seeks to work along with organizations like Jack.org and The Kelty Patrick Foundation to help other youth be educated about mental health and find true happiness which will reduce all forms of suffering. 

When it comes to making a difference — we’re all just getting started! 

Eric Windeler’s Bio: 

Eric started Jack.org with his wife Sandra Hanington and their closest friends in May 2010 after losing their son Jack to suicide. Since then, Eric has put aside his business interests and leads 

Jack.org full-time. Eric works tirelessly to inspire discussion about mental health, especially 

among young people. In 2013, Eric received the Champion of Mental Health award from CAMIHI and the QE Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2015, Eric was honoured by Queen’s University, receiving an honorary degree (LLD) recognizing his work in the field of mental health. In 2017, Eric and Sandra Hanington received the Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division) from the office of the Governor General. Most recently, Eric was selected as one of the 150 CAMH Difference Makers for mental health in Canada. Eric is also recipient of the 2018 Queen’s Alumni Humanitarian of the Year Award and the 2020 Ontario Psychiatric Association’s Mental Health Advocate of the Year Award. Eric sits on the board of FRAYME, a global youth mental health best practices non-profit. 

My mental health revolution is represented by the transformational work of the young leaders connected to Jack.org. I yearn for the day when mental health achieves parity with physical health and when all those in need of support are comfortable reaching out – a Canada (and a world) where the system of care provides everyone the help they deserve. 

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