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Johnny Cash Says it All – It is “IN YOUR MIND”

The family of Emily Dahl and many other families, in fact, all of humanity, know already that not every story has a happy ending.

But those that are open to the logic of science, the teachings of the heart, and the discoveries of the soul all assure us that no human being is ever beyond redemption.

The possibility of awakening and happiness exists so long as life exists. How to support that possibility in others and in ourselves is the real question. 

This world needs to stop bending spoons – stop bending spoons.

We must all close our ears and eyes for at least part of the day – and try and find true love….. everlasting love that transcends the external world of external physical things…. it is possible.

Stand over the corpse of a loved one – if that does not work … try try again….  if one cannot sense the love of God in that – then ones inner light needs a further boost – but it is there  – and it will never go away.

“One foot on Jakobs ladder, and one foot in the fire.” 

Wow, Thanks Johhny Cash!!

Sherman Dahl

The Emily Dahl Foundation