KAL PARK – A LOVELY PLACE TO BE! – The Emily Dahl Foundation


Nestled along the Coldstream Valley bordering the District of Coldstream, this fine example of North Okanagan grassland is dotted with ponderosa pine and groves of Douglas fir. The spring wildflower show is truly spectacular. The largely undeveloped park has an all-season appeal to those interested in its natural setting.

A variety of animals, birds and reptiles and plant life reside in a mosaic of grassland communities. To date, 432 varieties of vascular plants have been identified in the park, rare for such a small area. This peaceful park is ideal for the study and appreciation of natural history, all year-round.

There is another rare breed than can often be spotted in the park. Pictured here is the 80 plus year old "Eaman", hard at work in the park bringing smiles and colors for all to enjoy. 

This Eaman bows his head before mother earth as he looks deeply and recognizes that we are all ever present in and part of her.  

The Eaman will sometimes sing that we are at times lost in the confusions and worries of daily life, we forget that our body is everyone's body, and sometimes even forget that we have a body at all. Unaware of the presence of our body and the beautiful planet around us and within us, we are unable to cherish and celebrate the precious gift of life mother nature has given us. 

Dear Mother, our deep wish is to wake up to the miracle of life. 

Kal Park is a wonderful place to contemplate the true nature of our being. 

The Emily Dahl Foundation