Modern Happiness: A Fireside Chat with Eric Termuende and Sherman Dahl – The Emily Dahl Foundation

Modern Happiness: A Fireside Chat with Eric Termuende and Sherman Dahl

Although this event is a virtual global event there will be a very small group of friends and family that will be invited to the actual live fireside chat in Vernon (less then 50 ) and we would love you to join us.

Check out this major event planned in Vernon for Tuesday, November 3, 2020.


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A joint venture between Eric Termuende, who is a seasoned keynote speaker,  and The Emily Dahl Foundation.  This is a global virtual event that anyone can attend. 

Please pass around to your loved ones as this will be a unique and enlightening event.  

This is a global kick off for The Emily Dahl Foundation. 
You will need to RSVP with me in order to have a seat at the live event in Vernon, BC.  We will also be doing a welcome reception at 5pm for Eric in Vernon at just prior to the live event.  All locations in Vernon TBA. 
Check out this video teaser!


Future-shaping keynote speaker building thriving workplace cultures and communities.

Eric Termuende is a small-town guy with big ideas that is empowering category-leading brands and leaders to attract and retain top talent to drive their organizations forward.

A seasoned keynote speaker and best-selling author, Eric Termuende has been on hundreds of stages all over the world speaking about workplace culture and one-degree shifts that build communities at work. Having built and sold two companies and surveyed and interviewed thousands of people, Eric brings a fresh perspective to workplace culture and the future of work.

Eric has a deep understanding of the next generation of work and how to attract and retain the right talent. His best-selling book, Rethink Work, has become a must-read for today’s leaders and as a renowned keynote speaker, Eric travels the world sharing his insights and tips about talent, teams, and employee engagement.

From the TEDx stage to Amazon, AAA, to Arc’teryx, this keynote speaker inspires, challenges, and opens minds to opportunity and doors to growth.

Sherman Dahl