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Mental Afflictions – We All Have Them

Study Your Mind to Free Yourself - Go Inside, Not Outside
The Emily Dahl Foundation received a note from a dear friend of the Foundation. One of his family members is having significant emotional problems, and he wants to find her help. At first, it is natural to seek outside counsel to help those that are suffering deeply. In the case of major addiction or emotional issues, medical intervention may even be necessary. But the real path to joy can only be found within. This brings to mind this great poem by Kabir.

"Are you looking for me?

I am in the next seat.

My shoulder is against yours.

you will not find me in the temples or churches,

not in legs winding around your own neck,

nor in eating nothing but vegetables.

When you really look for me,

you will see me instantly,

in the tiniest house of time."

This is where the hard work must be done - within your true self. The amazing thing is that this special place is there and is always there. That ultimate bliss is in all of us. It is for this reason that The Emily Dahl Foundation has often warned against any short-term fixes in the world of addiction to the various and easily found substances that lead to serious problems. The term "awakening", however it comes to you, and whenever it comes to you, is simply the lifting of the veil that covers this joy within. It is these "mental afflictions" that are in the way, and they reside in all places within the mind.
Katie Dahl, Kathmandu, March 12, 2022
This article below is very good and was recently published in The Kathmandu Post in Nepal. So as mentioned, all places, even the birthplace of The Buddha, carry mental afflictions.  Is there a path to joy? Of course, there is. Read on! 

'To free yourself from mental afflictions, you have to study your mind'