Urging Calm and Mindfulness in These Unusual Times – The Emily Dahl Foundation

Urging Calm and Mindfulness in These Unusual Times

Coronavirus Sadhguru's Advice

The Emily Dahl Foundation is urging calm and mindfulness in these unusual times. As human beings are the carriers of the virus, it is important that each one of us takes the responsibility to ensure we do not spread it to others. “You must take this commitment: you will ensure that you will not be the carrier to give it to another human being,” the foundation said. 

The Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by WHO. Its epicentre, Wuhan in China, was one of the first cities to be locked down. The virus has spread to Europe, America and parts of Asia.  

The Emily Dahl Foundation has further released the following videos with the goal of helping others cope with calmness and mindfulness in this stressful time.