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Mindfulness and Children

It is so true that the most precious gift you can give to anyone is your true presence.  
This young girl has become my friend. We only get to see each other every few months, but every time we have a visit, she is one hundred percent there for me. I don't even know how to put this into words - her presence is amazing.  On this occasion I gave her one of the bracelets that I had a young local artist make for The Emily Dahl Foundation. The local artist that made this bracelet is another young girl in Vernon, BC - it is made with love!  
Do you have enough time to love? Can you make sure that in your everyday life you have a little time to love? We do not have much time together; we are too busy. In the morning while eating breakfast, we do not look at the person we love, we do not have enough time for it. We eat very quickly while thinking about other things, and sometimes we even hold a newspaper that hides the face of the person we love. In the evening when we come home, we are too tired to be able to look at the person we love.
We must bring about a revolution in our way of living our everyday lives, because our happiness, our lives, are within ourselves.
Our young children are reminders for us - they are full of love from the moment of birth and provide awareness that this kingdom of love comes from within. 
Your protector is yourself. 
This wonderful friend of mine is a lovely reminder of who we really are - Love.  
Sherman Dahl 
The Emily Dahl Foundation