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Saskatchewan – The Crazy Ones and Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

This picture is from my flight from Calgary to Saskatoon.  

If you have an open and clear mind you will feel a certain amazement when you touch the reality that we all have to live in the same place and how vast this universe really is.  

What should arise in you is the very important notion of interbeing:  You do not need to be a philosopher or a mystic to understand interbeing.  There is a biologist named Lewis Thomas, whose work I appreciate very much.  He describes how are human bodies are “shared, rented and occupied” by countless other tiny organisms, without whom we couldn’t “move a muscle, drum a finger, or think a thought.”   I am sure he would add the word “viruses ” to this collection of who we are if he were still alive.  Our body is a community, and trillions of non-human cells in our body are even more numerous than the human cells.  Therefore, the whole planet is one giant, living, breathing cell, with all its working parts linked.  

Everything relies on everything else in the universe in order to exist – whether a star in the Saskatchewan sky, a flower in your garden, a tree that you casually walk by daily, or you and me. 

Flying over this amazing earth gives you perspective on the way things truly are.  

It is only your own clouded vision that can deny you that reality. 

This picture is awesome.  It is a sign on the family bathroom in the Calgary airport. You know, the one that is a private bathroom. 

Even in this spot, by yourself, you must wear your mask.  

This drives some people crazy, this whole virus and mask thing.  It brings out many negative emotions, with the argument being loss of freedom. 

I have had a few friends of mine take very strong stances on this, and they are angry. 

Anger is like a howling baby on a plane, suffering and crying. The baby needs his mother to hold him. You are the mother for your baby, your anger.  Let’s all remember that the three states of mind that are the source of ALL our unhappiness are: ignorance, obsessive desire, and anger.  

Here is the thing, go back to the lovely picture that was taken in the sky above of this amazing world and how we are all connected and how vast and full of life this world is – or go back to your negative thoughts about how “dumb” this whole virus business is, then you will realize instantly that all you really have is your thoughts, and you can decide what they are to be, and if you think only good thoughts, only good things happen.  And isn’t happiness and good thoughts what it should be all about? 

BEST FOR LAST – Always find some humour in life – not anger!  Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 

Here is the last picture I took in Saskatoon when I landed.  Only in Saskatchewan.  

Saskatchewan – the land of the crazy ones.  The explorers and pioneers, the resource and agriculture ones, the plumbers.  I love this place. 

Brilliant, the world was likely short the fancy kind when COVID-19 hit, so one of the airport crew made this unique invention.   

Sherman Dahl 

The Emily Dahl Foundation


Wednesday, January 13, 2021