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Self, Self-Awareness – Sit Under A Tree That Does Not Exist

You must not only sit under a tree very quietly, but you must also eliminate the tree.  

By the inquiry ‘Who am I?’. The thought ‘who am I?’ will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self-realization.

This is deep and hard to grasp, but it is the absolute truth. 

This short video by Krishnamurti is a deep investigation in about seven minutes. 
You can feel his desire to have us understand this deep teaching of pure observation, which can only happen when the mind, which is nothing but a bundle of energy and thoughts, has been destroyed. 

One way or another, we will all eventually find this quiet place that is deep within. 

It is like Gold covered by a mountain of thought; the Gold is always there, no matter how much activity on the mountain.  

We can hide the Gold with a mountain of thought, but still under the mountain will be Gold. 

Our soul is nothing more than the golden love which is always there no matter what thoughts and actions you have piled on the mountain. 

You must not look at the past or the future but go for the Gold that is within.   

And do not ever call yourself a sinner, or anyone else for that matter. 

That is the greatest sin. 

Just forget it what you have done in the past, and don't do it again. 

Lofty goals indeed, but available deep within, and without. 

All we should and can do is meditate in silence.

In the wise words of Pope Francis: 

“Everything comes from this: from a heart that feels that it is looked on with love. Then reality is contemplated with different eyes. 'I look at Him and He looks at me. ' It is like this: loving contemplation, typical of the most intimate prayer, does not need many words.”

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Sunday, December 4, 2022