Singer. Songwriter – Andrew Allen – The Emily Dahl Foundation

Singer. Songwriter – Andrew Allen

” One of the most talented artists there is, a one-man band. His performances leaves you feeling great! Looking forward for his next concert!”

Allen’s DIY ability and optimistic attitude have served him well. He’s scored five Top 10 hits in Canada, 2009′s “I Wanna Be Your Christmas”, 2011’s “I Want You”, 2015’s “What You Wanted”, 2016’s “Favorite Christmas Song” and his biggest single released in 2010 “Loving You Tonight,” which was lodged in the upper reaches of the charts for more than 22 weeks and broke the US Top 30 while gaining over 4 million views on YouTube. A lilting, sunny tune about an ideal romance, “Loving You Tonight”  helped put Andrew on tour with acts like The Script, Bruno Mars, One Republic, Train, Joshua Radin and The Barenaked Ladies…  Radio play aside, Andrew is a true live performer with an exceptional voice, incredible songs and limitless energy… not too mention a spatter of comic wit and story-telling ability that helps create a dynamic and interactive live show. He’s definitely an artist that embodies the term ‘live’. Also an incredibly accomplished songwriter, Allen’s songs can be heard on the Grammy Nominated record, ‘Atmosphere’ by EDM aritst KASKADE ft. Project 46, as well as a song titled ‘DIME’, found on Latin Boy Band CD9’s Gold Selling album, and his QUADRUPLE PLATINUM record ‘Ad Occhi Chiusi’ released by Italy’s Marco Mengon!

The Modern Happiness event as a tremendous opportunity to help others. The voices of Eric Termeunde, Andrew Allen and The Emily Dahl Foundation can together help many. This will benefit all. This event will be for all and the media / social media awareness is underway and much more to come in the next few weeks. Black Press , Castanet and Vernon Matters are all in on the awareness program – and will be raising awareness on sites right across Western Canada. Media and news services across Western Canada are encouraged to help The Emily Dahl Foundation raise awareness for “Modern Happiness” in today’s ever changing world.

Modern Happiness – Tuesday, November 3, 2020 7 PM PST Live Virtual Event

It is time to register and Stand by Us –    Eric , Andrew and The Emily Dahl Foundation

– Sherman Dahl