Some Thoughts to Establish the Happiness and Stability That you Will Need to Endure Love and Struggles that are Active in your Life Today and to Manage the Continuous Stream that will be Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You – The Emily Dahl Foundation

Some Thoughts to Establish the Happiness and Stability That you Will Need to Endure Love and Struggles that are Active in your Life Today and to Manage the Continuous Stream that will be Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

The suffering and pain of the many men and women like me and the many teenagers like Emily can be healed and comforted by The Emily Dahl Foundation. 

There are many stories of awakening that we can learn from if we open our minds and hearts through silence and introspection.   

Any sentient being has access to happiness just as they have access to pain.  They go together and they always will.  That is life. 

From pain can come happiness.  And it most cases, that is exactly where it comes from the quickest. 

Awakening comes for the loss of the illusory ground to which we were walking on.  

Rising from that can be the rock of stability and awareness that must be shared and taught to others to help them see that suffering and happiness go hand in hand in the never-ending river of life.

“For like a bee that gets stuck sucking nectar from flowers, when we overindulge in the world of negative emotions, the results can be lethal. ”         

The Emily Dahl Foundation

This caption is very important to understand for as long as we are easily triggered and seduced by our emotions, we need solitude and wisdom to deepen our stability and awareness.

The first picture is Emily and Jackson in Hodgeville, Sask in Dec 2018.  They were there to visit their Uncle Vern and their cousins Ben, Sydney, and Christopher after the tragic loss of a wonderful mother, loved family member, and friend to many – “Auntie Liz”. 

Emily showed such compassion and love, I simply just shared the space with her in amazement as she brought smiles and love into the room. 

It is in this that I draw your attention to what Fred Rogers (yes, Mr. Rogers), once said that may have taken his entire life to learn, but Emily seem to know this well before me and at a very early age: 

“Emily knew that Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” 

Fred Rogers and The Emily Dahl Foundation      

This is the way Fred Rogers lived and Emily lived this way, and she did not need to be taught that, she just did it. 

Kristina Tobler gave us a wonderful surprise and came to see me, Katie, and Jack today on Emily’s birthday.  

I simply cannot even begin to explain how powerful the experience is to sit with Emily’s friends, I just can’t. 

Just in the last month Dana Kievit was here and so was Julia Comeau, two of Emily’s closest friends. 

The dreams that they have experienced with Emily since Jan 26 ,2019 are beyond this world.  

Everyone should come to 7906 Kidston Road and spend some time with Emily, Love and Compassion.  

Just ask the girls that have been here, she owns this place, and they are helping to create it. 

Kristina shared these pictures with me today, Emily’s birthday. 

These are pictures of her and Emily just before Emily left for Quesnel, and she had dozens of them, but one of them really stood out.

Kristina and Emily shared so much together, so many struggles and so much love.  

Emily knew it was going to be hard on Kristina for her to leave Vernon after only being back such a short time from her Belize trip. 

As Kristina said tonight, “Emily literally put me on her shoulders”, with the physical strength and determination that few of us have. 

This picture reminds me of a powerful thought that I am sure the girls may not have even realized what this picture of them, without their faces, clearly shows. 

It is the reality of interbeing. 

“When we are totally mindful – in direct contact with reality, not just images of reality – we realize that all phenomena are interdependent…endlessly interwoven.”          

The Emily Dahl Foundation 

This will forever be the Heart Sutra of The Emily Dahl Foundation, so help us God. 

These pictures of Emily in early January of 2019 were a foreshadowing of the enormity of the courage and determination she would soon display in her search for peace and happiness.  This would affect many in this amazing universe that is shared by all and be understood by few.  

She would begin the immense base for the establishment of The Emily Dahl Foundation, leaving us with the deep understanding that to help others that are suffering we must deliver the following message: 

“In solitude the mind and body are not troubled by distraction. Therefore, you must commit your mind and body to introspection of the way things truly are and begin the process of totally abandoning mental wandering.  This is possible with courage, determination and thus, happiness and freedom are available in the here and the now.”     

The Emily Dahl Foundation 

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The Home of The Emily Dahl Foundation 

November 28 ,2020