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The Antidote to Addiction and Mental Health Problems Is Compassion

The provincial government and Interior Health have announced a significant expansion of mental health and addictions resources in Vernon.  

So, what will that look like?  

As part of an expansion of four existing services and the addition of four others, 19 full-time equivalent workers will be hired in the community.

“People throughout the North Okanagan will benefit from this major expansion of mental health and substance-use services in Vernon,” said Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Mental Health, and Addictions.

This is a positive development and something the current world desperately needs. The question should be, what is the provincial government planning to do? How are they planning to approach the issues to which they speak? 
The Emily Dahl Foundation is encouraging the various organizations involved to do their homework and to focus on proven ways of helping those that are suffering. 

Much of our inner turmoil is due to negative feelings like fear and anger. Those emotions that disturb our peaceful mind must be eliminated. In times of great distress, our best friend is inside the heart…it is our compassion. Therefore, the focus needs to be on programs that educate our communities on kindness and compassion. If the programs focus on short term solutions that lack proper education on how the mind works, they will not work. 

In these uncertain times, being more aware of one's emotions and thoughts helps a lot. For over 2,000 years, many people have relied on proven ways to train themselves to become more aware of their thoughts and emotions. Even though the techniques might have been developed centuries ago, they are still relevant today.  What is essential for people to understand is that qualities like awareness, love, and compassion are innate in us. But our minds are so used to being cluttered with self-centric and egoistic thoughts that these noble qualities get obscured. Further, if the programs and solutions designed are put forth by those that themselves have cluttered thinking, how can we expect great results?  

Nowadays the concerning network of politics and materialism issues has spread so widely that any concern or discussion on spiritual upliftment has almost stopped altogether, and you are more likely to see headlines like "overdose problem worsens" or "uproar over Soviet flag" on local media. As a result of violence and killings and the sad state of social condition is right in our front. Mankind can never have peace from science alone. Only through self-inquiry can man attain real peace. The pious lives of the great ones who attained peace, are indeed proof of this fact. In capitalism, as in sport, we worship the sages of those activities and aspire to them. Why not do the same in the world of happiness? Having been born as a human being one would be unlucky indeed who does not attempt to realise the Supreme Truth beyond the physical existence. One who is qualified in this is a suicider if he does not try to achieve it. Those that embark on the provincial governments strategies to help others should take their responsibility to heart or lay down their swords. If he or she cannot achieve a real level of Self-Realization, the supremacy of the human body will be in vain. 

Only a human being can realize that the only aim in life is to achieve lasting happiness and be free from pain. What are the ways to avoid pain? Should not your thoughts be oriented towards answering this question? More importantly, if the provincial leaders are to truly make a difference aimed at helping those that are suffering the most, should not 100 percent of their programs be well informed and effective in this quest? 

The Emily Dahl Foundation points to education of the heart as the primary means to reducing suffering. 

Is this not a noble quest? The Quest not only begins in the heart but also ends there too. 

It is an endeavor to lift to a higher plane, and expand to a larger measure, the whole of our identity. It brings in the most important part of ourselves--being, essence, Consciousness. 

The inner meaning of life does not readily reveal itself; it must be searched for. Such a search is the Quest.  
Mental health and addictions services expanded in Vernon
The Emily Dahl Foundation
March 16, 2022