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“I can assure you that no pandemic, crisis, or even one’s own illusion of the way things are can turn off the light of compassion and love that is inside each and every one of us, that is just not possible”. – Sherman Dahl

The debate to which we speak has been discussed by contemplatives and other scholars for many years. It is a dialogue that can spark various opinions but at its core is the science of addiction.

The topic is all about craving, desire, and addiction.

Craving is the source of human suffering; the misery of those overcome by extreme cravings for drugs is just an extreme form of the attachment to material things that compromises any person’s happiness. What we should be discussing is the reality about dopamine and the addicted brain, and the loss of self-control that comes when drugs change crucial brain circuits involved in emotion, pleasure, memory, and judgement.

Once you make a choice to use drugs, consequences are unavoidable. The powerful changes that occur with the abuse of drugs reinforces that the real objective that should be promoted is that it is necessary to put up the barrier before the floods come. In other words, societies focus should be on prevention. As such, education is central to preventing drug use.

Education must create an environment in which children will have the opportunity to develop themselves, and young people should be taught in such a way that their brains can achieve their full capacities. The environment should also instill a sense of purpose and connectedness, rather than the materialistic values that cannot produce happiness. We must bring to children a sense of wonderment about the world, rather than so much negativity.

This focus on the heart and mind education can help best with the goal of preventing drug abuse. Both through training the brain to balance emotions and self-restraint (for instance through mediation) and through promoting heart and mind education and working to create a

less materialistic society. It may be true that once a person becomes addicted, education and training may have less to offer, and medical science may be the best solution.

The Emily Dahl Foundation is committed to offering real solutions to helping others to experience real education to develop your heart and mind understanding.

Join us Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at The Powerhouse Theatre or visit our website at and begin the important process of answering the question, “Who Am I?”.

The only way to answer this question is to do the work – you must enquire within yourself and pay attention to the truth that is within you. In the silence and timelessness of who you really are you will find happiness.

Sherman Dahl

The Emily Dahl Foundation


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