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The Emily Dahl Foundation Aims

To point out the one divine highway to which all paths eventually lead: the highway of daily, scientific, devotional meditation on the higher self. 

The principal inquiry must be “Who Am I?” and nothing else. 

Direct inquiry into the true nature of things is the only way to liberate man from his threefold suffering: physical disease, mental inharmony, and spiritual ignorance.

A happiness that is continuous and unbroken, we find nowhere among men; the circumstances of their lives simply do not permit it to exist, as many gurus have seen. It is, in fact, there for all of us to see as the wise man knows that “The Kingdom of God” is within you – for where else could it possibly be?  You are a part of creation itself. Why do you seek external sources? 

The wisdom of experience teaches us that all things change. Friendship wanes and realized ambition brings its own new troubles or disappointments. A fixed and unalterable worldly happiness based on outward things is sought by many but found by none.

Whatever man grasps at in his search for happiness, it is only a substitute for the real thing and therefore must one day leave him discontented with it or bored by it.

The man who follows his ego’s lead in his pursuit of happiness treads circles without end. He may attain fleeting pleasure but never lasting happiness.

If you investigate the matter deeply enough and widely enough, you will find that happiness eludes nearly all men even though they are forever seeking it. The fortunate and successful few are those who have stopped seeking with the ego alone and allow the search to be directed inwardly by the higher self. They alone can find a happiness unblemished by defects or deficiencies, a Supreme Good which is not a further source of pain and sorrow but an endless source of satisfaction and peace.

The Emily Dahl Foundation

October 16, 2021