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The Emily Dahl Foundation on Coping With The Loss of a Loved One

It was like a dream being able to attend the recent 2023 Silver Star Rotary Father Daughter Ball with one my daughter's best friends, Kristina Tobler. 

Both Kristina and Emily attended this wonderful event for many years and enjoyed every one of them. 

The Emily Dahl Foundation was a proud Crown Sponsor of the event, and Kristina was on stage during the award ceremony. This very real experience allowed me to drift into my deep love for Emily and all things. 

There are many that must find a way to deal with the death of a loved one. You are never alone, and there is a way to take the dark clouds away. We must practice, practice, practice. 

Human beings produce thoughts, speech, and action every day. And that is our continuation. We must think deeply in order to see ourselves not only in our bodies, but also outside of them.

You can easily see yourself not only in your own body; You can see yourself in your friends, in your family, in your work, in many things. And if you want to recognize yourself, don’t look only in one direction; your body is only a small part of who you are.

So, the person that you believe is already lost is not lost; he or she is still there in other forms. Look for him or her inside yourself, look for him or her in their friends and family members. That person is still available in the here and now.  

Think of your loved one hiding himself or herself and taking another form, so that you will know better how to cherish their presence.

Kristina brings a powerful energy to this reality and allows me to be with Emily every moment I am with her. 

Sherman Dahl 
The Emily Dahl Foundation