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The Perfection of Forbearance

Much of the discussion on forbearance revolves around the destructive nature of anger, the worst of all negative emotions. As such, anger and forbearance should be seen as opposites, like patience being the antidote to the ravages of negative emotions.
Charlie Munger, Chairman of the Daily Journal and Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, exclusively sat down with Yahoo Finance Editor-In-Chief Andy Serwer to give his take on the trucker protests in Canada. 

Charlie Munger stated the following: 

"Think of how peaceful and sensible the relations between the United States and Canada have been for 200 years. I've been very proud of that border for a long, long time and all of a sudden, we've got the truckers of Canada having some kind of a riot. It's ridiculous and shutting down a big international bridge." 
Charlie Munger: Canadian trucker protests are 'ridiculous'
Why would Mr. Munger call the convoy "ridiculous"?  

It is simple. The entire act is based on nothing but negative emotions which leads to sadness and suffering. Charlie Munger is all about finding happiness and joy, and he often helps people to find their way. That is, ultimately, what drives Charlie Munger. 

At 98, Charlie Munger is best known for his steady role as the right-hand man of investing legend Warren Buffett. 

As the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Munger is worth $1.7 billion, according to Forbes.

Munger has had, by almost any standard, a wildly successful life — and a long one, at that. He’s nearly a centenarian.

Munger is often asked what the secret to a long and happy life is. Here is your chance to compare notes. 

The secret is “easy, because it’s so simple,” Munger explains. 

Munger went on to rattle off a list of his best advice, each lesson succinctly delivered in bite-size form.

“You don’t have a lot of envy.

“You don’t have a lot of resentment.

“You don’t overspend your income.

“You stay cheerful in spite of your troubles.

“You deal with reliable people.

“And you do what you’re supposed to do.

“And all these simple rules work so well to make your life better. And they’re so trite.”

His prescription is logical, he says.

“Staying cheerful” is “a wise thing to do,” Munger states, adding that in order to do so, you have to let go of negative feelings.

“And can you be cheerful when you’re absolutely mired in deep hatred and resentment? Of course, you can’t. So why would you take it on?” Munger said.

All of us should consider the wise words of Munger, in particular, the extremely important task of controlling negative emotions. 

The most ubiquitous object of frustration and anger for most people most of the time is other people. 

The banishing of anger must surely seem so fundamental that it hardly needs comment. Yet when we think about it, righteous indignation and the desire for retaliation appear frequently in much of what we see, including the current world stage of Ottawa. 

The Emily Dahl Foundation has expressed deep concern regarding negative emotions and encourages others to deny a toehold for these emotions. This is a cornerstone of how Emily Dahl lived her life. She knew that forbearance was the opposite to anger, and that anger is the emotion which most clearly undermines any human beings vow to save all beings. 

Sherman Dahl
The Emily Dahl Foundation 
February 21, 2022