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The Purpose Of Our Lives Is To Be Happy

Below you will find a news article highlighting some of the recent work by The Emily Dahl Foundation.   The foundation is committed to becoming actively involved in the community and helping others spread the teachings of wisdom and compassion in all the at we do.

You will also find some photos of Emily when she was a very young girl.   I have not shared the story of these photos with many people.  Emily had these photos, and only these photos, with her when she left us in January 2019.  Emily was awakened to her inner child.  These photos are a reminder to us all of how we are born into love , compassion , happiness and kindness.  It is there in all of us and is only covered by ignorance , ego and illusion.  This can all be lifted with wisdom and compassion.   The goal of The Emily Dahl Foundation is to help others see this wonderful truth.

The picture of the graduate in the news story is beautiful.  In her you can see the love and compassion of her parents , her teachers , her family , and all her friends.   When we can all focus on our true purpose – Happiness – the picture shines with enlightenment.

We simply cannot ignore the challenges we all face in uncovering the truth of happiness in our society.  We must approach gently the ignorance and pain of our children as well as those that inflict the pain and suffering we see in our daily lives.  This is the only true basis of recovery and understanding. Not blaming or feeling guilt and shame, but seeing deeply and understanding that the person abusing must have lived under painful and deprived conditions. The power of ignorance was stronger than the person’s happiness and stability, and thus they were driven to do wrong things. If the abused person can begin to understand this, then their anger, shame and outrage can transform into compassion. Through mindfulness practice we can begin to understand and forgive. Our suffering decreases and can be transformed into compassion. Through this healing we can become awakened like Emily, helping all children who need protection and helping to eradicate the ignorance which generates abuse. The energy of compassion for children will transform the pain and sorrow that came from our experience of being abused.


Sherman Dahl , June 14, 2020

Wings Vernon is offering Kal Secondary grad students a tasty treat to celebrate graduation. Wings Vernon, Centennial Food Services and The Emily Dahl Foundation will provide graduates with free …