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Thus Have I Heard

Thus have I heard is the common translation of the first line of the standard introduction of Buddhist discourses but should really be applied to any discourse from a trusted source.  

This phrase serves to confirm that the discourse is coming from the Buddha himself, as a "seal of authenticity". 

Albert Einstein also said some interesting things and so did Jesus Christ, just to name a few of those that one should learn the truth of what they said and more importantly, what they meant. This would be called mediation on the way things actually are. 

The most direct path is asking with deep reverence this very important question:  "Who Am I?". 

It is quite stunning what sages of the past have left for deep teachings. In most cases, you will be dismayed and then astonished if you deeply reflect on the teachings readily available to us all. 

Whoever finds the meaning of the various words will find a special place and one should never stop seeking happiness and love.  

Let's take an example - Albert Einstein. Thus, he said. 

Concerning matter, his conclusion was simply that we have it all wrong. What we have called matter is energy. Which means matter is spirit reduced to a point of visibility.  

This leads to some stunning conclusions:  

All matter is energy. Thus, energy is the entire universe. 

Since energy can never be created nor destroyed it must thus be true that it knows no birth or death. And you being only energy must also come to the self-realization of no birth, no death - just being. 

All thought must come from energy. It follows that all thought is energy. 

The supreme being must be prior to energy. Your mission should be to find the source. 

Thus, the supreme being is the source of it all - which must be you since you are the one generating the thought. 

Thought is what takes you away from the ultimate being that is within you.  

As such, thoughts can be thought of as illusion, like a picture show which distracts you from your true being. Some would call this a version of sin - that seems a bit strong given that thought is just thought and really, nobody should consider themselves a sinner.  The real issue is you have this thought machine running constantly within you, and at times, we lose control of the machine. Magically though, your natural state is one of bliss and silence. You actually practise this daily - it is called deep sleep, where there is no body and no thought. 

This is an amazing non-religious way to answer the question: "Who Am I?". 

If we are energy than we exist as that. Imagining through thought that you are an individual being with a body and that others also exist in this illusional world is the main problem. This is an innocent ignorance of the way things actually are. But do not worry, you are constantly forgiven for you know not what you do. This deep secret is the home of truth and love. The bliss of no thought gives rise to the awareness of silence and happiness. 

You can add religion, Gods, and all the rituals that go along with all this, but you will find a direct path by simply asking: "Who Am I?" - like Einstein did.  Who is the one prior to all this and that? This is the question you must solve. Your ego self tells you constant stories, which you should ignore. 

You must reside in the ultimate self, which is prior to thought, to get a glimpse of reality. 

This state of being is beyond words, and that is the whole point. 

Only the lucky few sages have developed the wisdom it takes to say that we don't exist the way you think we do. 

This gives rise to the phrase - "Thus he said." 

Only the rare, enlightened ones can you tell you the secret of reality. Most of them are happy to teach the way and free you from any prison you may be in.  
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Sunday, October 16, 2022