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Two New Friends – Caeser and Kevin – And An Ever-Present Emily

"Once a year, go someplace you have never been before."
This is a well-known quote by the Dalai Lama. The original quote actually came from part of chain letter called "Instructions for Life" that worked its way around social media in 1999. No matter who said it - they are very wise words. We should all see someplace new, at least once per year.

Travel isn’t just about seeing new places, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures. It’s about that and so much more. It’s all about experiencing something which is totally different from your day-to-day life. It’s about letting go of your daily routines and stepping into any new adventure. Whichever the case, travel keeps you young through wonder. It awakens your inner child, always questioning, always curious, enthusiastic, and yearning for more.

Emily Dahl travelled to many places within Canada, Australia and Belize in her life and had many incredible experiences. This is worth some deeper reflection. 

Stan Eaman who also lives in Vernon, introduced me to the work of Dr. Brian Weiss, who like Stan, is a highly respected psychiatrist from the mainstream of the medical establishment. Weiss is well known for his book "Many Lives, Many Masters". His writings include reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and survival of the soul after death. 

Stan has encouraged me to explore the possibility that Emily and I were linked in a previous life. The thought is that perhaps we agreed in our previous life that in this life, as my daughter, she would go first, and this would give me the gift of learning to deal with grief and to fully appreciate the wonderful parts of our lives each day. What an incredible perspective that can truly change the way we perceive our existence. In this way, I thank Emily every moment of every day for the many gifts she has given me in this life. 

It is true that this deep thinking may be hard for those that are overcome with sadness, confusion and even the destructive emotion of anger by their loss. However, this is a powerful and peaceful way to think of loved ones that are no longer here, in this life.
These pictures are from Beaver Creek, Colorado. When the conference that I was attending had ended, my goal was to see some of the Colorado countryside. Without a reservation, I wandered to the Beaver Creek stables to see if I could go on a trail ride. When I arrived at the stables, there was nobody around except maybe ten horses in the corral. Most of the horses took interest in me wandering around. One of them came right up to me at the fence and insisted on having a visit with me. I waited for some time, then went back into the village thinking it was not going to work out to go for a trail ride. 

I went and visited another local site in the village and then went back to the stables where I met a very friendly guide, named Kevin. Kevin booked me in for a two-hour ride. It was starting to rain, and he asked me if I still wanted to go, or maybe come back tomorrow. We both decided riding in the rain would still be fun. He went into the group of horses, which now was about fifteen horses, and brought out Caeser. Surprisingly, it was the same horse that came to visit me when I first arrived a few hours earlier. It was meant to be.
Caeser, Kevin and I had an amazing ride together and explored the Colorado mountains. It was an enjoyable afternoon with loving souls.  

It was magical and I now have two new friends and a deep appreciation for the Colorado countryside.

Sherman Dahl 
The Emily Dahl Foundation
September 16, 2022