The world is suffering. So, what can we do? 

Let's all acknowledge the unacknowledged. And let's do it now. Let's end suffering and seek eternal happiness. 

What prevents us or pressures us at all times and everywhere in various forms is our own confusion or misunderstanding. There is no other distortion at all.

The greatest evil habit is worldly life. It should be called the "Great Addiction". By force of this addiction to worldly life, the average human being is made to believe that he is an individual and is compelled to live a worldly life as if in prison. All bad habits can be dropped, but the addiction to mundane life is the most difficult to drop. A spouse is dear to the spouse so long as they obey each other's worldly existence. The mundane worldly life is called the blindingly dark life. The greatest enticement of Illusion is this mundane life. However great one's sorrow may be, this addiction cannot be dropped. One is greatly lucky if this addiction is dropped. There is only one person who condemns the worldly life, and he or she is a Saint. Nobody else does that. One does not even think of this earthly life, even if one suffers the utmost difficulties. People try to strengthen their ties with others by speaking to them respectfully and congratulating each other over small things. People compete with each other for earning more honors and status. In this way, they feel that they are happy in life. They act as if this is a respectable bad habit. The God of Death is happy to give you many kinds of bodies and various troubles. Give up the sense of "mine". Know that the body is your enemy. Very few are those who have truly understood. Only those who are lucky enough to receive the blessings of the Guru, who is the Self, can escape from this Illusion by right efforts. All others are bound to the treadmill of life in various incarnations, and they make houses of bodies of various shapes and duration.

When one falls into the immense discovery of this reality described above, they will only feel compassion for all those that suffer in the illusion to which we speak. Compassion can grow quickly for the crowds of the lost that attempt to find peace in a world of confusion, led by such thoughts that a "safe drug supply" or any other material comfort will lead us away from the trick of pleasure and pain.

These thoughts may be complex and may annoy the mind of some, but they are the truth of the way things are.

How in the world will you fix a complex problem without the employment of your own intelligence and intellect? 

When you understand yourself as the one dwelling in the hearts of all, you are the one who walks, you are the one who eats food, speaks, etc. Your experience should be that you are that power, and you have that "Authority". Do people honestly think that solving a drug problem with safe drugs will work? That is insanity. 

The strength of the enlightenment on the real issues will determine the extent of its effects. So far, all the actions surrounding the problems of drug use have failed because a lack of understanding and lack of desire to do the hard work needed. Until we do the much-needed hard work of uncovering the truth of the way things are, we will be blindly captured by the desires of the material world, and we will suffer. 

Below are the written words of those that may have the right intentions but fail to see the true source of what we call happiness. 

You should carefully read the statements just released by leaders who are attempting to solve the problem. While reading it you can feel the confusion and distress as the solution offered is nothing but a mixture of temporary band aids and does nothing to point to the heart of the issue, finding your true self in the mess of negative thought. Judge for yourself if these thoughts have the power to lead to everlasting happiness for those that suffer. 

Look even deeper, as we all should, to see if you understand the true nature of who you are. If you are not truly happy and at peace, how can the world you occupy be? 

At a news conference Thursday, chief coroner Lisa Lapointe called the ongoing drug death emergency a collective failure. 

“I think we all, everybody who didn’t put their mind to this, everybody who thought these people don’t matter, this isn't my family, this doesn’t impact me. We are all now realizing, I don’t think you can go anywhere in this province and not realize that people you know are dying.”

She pleaded for the immediate rollout of a safe supply, saying even if it’s not perfect, cutting the deaths by 50 per cent would be better than the status quo.

She also highlighted that many practitioners, including physicians and pharmacists, can do more to help ensure safe supply, especially in smaller communities, like Dawson Creek, which has one of the highest fatality rates in the province. She mentioned how some women are hitchhiking on the Highway of Tears to travel two to three hours down the road in order to access safe consumption sites.

“That is where we need to engage the courageous response of the medical community because there are physicians in all of those communities, who if they were willing, could help support safe supply,” Lapointe said they could access a training program through the B.C. Centre for Substance Use that would allow them to prescribe safe supply.”

In a follow-up news conference, Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, said extra supports are coming to smaller communities.

The ministry said she has been working with health authorities to fill the gaps and she will have news in the weeks and months ahead for communities like Dawson Creek.

All those that are confused and are suffering are encouraged to look at the real solution to ending all suffering, the unacknowledged truth of the way things truly are. 

You will find below, an invitation to pursue the path that is forever offered from the depths of the true self. But only you can open that door and look inside. 

The Emily Dahl Foundation issues the following release concerning the Drug Overdose Crisis and recent news on plans to decriminalize possession of small quantities of illicit drugs.

The Emily Dahl Foundation 
December 9, 2021 

Note from the author:

It was my son Jackson, that inspired me to write this essay, and inspired the title, Unacknowledged. 

There is a great documentary on prime called "Unacknowledged" that Jackson is a big fan of.

Jack also shared this "grow up" video with me recently. Steve Jobs Secrets of Life

Maybe we all just need to "grow up" and realize that "parenting is over" and we need to seek the truth ourselves. 

Sherman Dahl, 
The Emily Dahl Foundation