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We Grow In Happiness and Friendship

We humans, each and every one of us, need other people to help us reach happiness and fulfillment.  Most of all, each of us needs meaningful, deeply loving friendship. Otherwise, without it, we cannot grow in happiness.
Emily grew incredible relationships with many, many people over her amazing life.  Not only here in Vernon BC, but all over the world - including a bond with Calgary oilman - Hugh Ross.  
The energy between Hugh and Emily is, and was, absolutely stunning.  

Hugh was a real pal to Emily - and they both skied together. 

Hugh loves Emily dearly. 

Hugh came to visit in Vernon this weekend and was so happy to get a carving from Ted Ohlsen which he plans to put in his family home in Canmore, where Emily has stayed. 
When Emily was 12, Hugh took her cat skiing with his 16-year-old son and his friends.  Emily was an incredible skier and Hugh loved to be with her on the slopes.  

He would be right behind her - "GO EMILY, GO" - Hugh would encourage her!!   

With this in mind, we might consider that we need loving friends to reach our fullest potential.  We can’t do it alone. Good friends help us celebrate life’s joys. They also show us our worth as they share our sorrows.  True friends appreciate our strengths, yet generously forgive our shortcomings and faults.  Plus, our true-hearted friends care and trust enough to risk themselves as they point out our foibles for the sake of our better selves.  They work to help us grow in happiness, and we return the favor.  It’s hard to imagine who we would be, or, for some of us, even if we would be, without them.  They remain our friends even as we go through life’s most difficult or baffling changes, divorce, terminal illness…you name it.

The entire spiritual life depends on good friendship

The late Thich Nhat Hanh said it best: 

“You have experiences in the practice—peace, joy, transformation, and healing—and on that foundation, you help other people. You don’t practice just as an individual because you realize very soon on the path of practice that you should practice with community if you want the transformation and healing to take place more quickly. This is taking refuge in friends.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

We need each other in life and on the path of practice, there’s no doubt.  Especially, we need good and wise friends who will invest their time, energy, and affection together with us so we can grow our capacity for happiness, wisdom, generosity, and compassion.  

Thank you, Hugh, for your love and friendship.  And thank you Ted for another lovely carving. 
This double lamp is Emily and Hugh!!  

Sherman Dahl,
The Emily Dahl Foundation