What is the real reason for feeling unfulfilled? – The Emily Dahl Foundation

What is the real reason for feeling unfulfilled?

There are two ideas that are important to think about:

  1. The Purpose of Your Life is to be Happy
  2. What is The Real Reason You’re Feeling Unfulfilled ?

One must first understand that all the physical forms that you are attached to including oneself are full of illusion and ego. All these forms are also subject to constant change and eventual destruction of the very physical form that to which you are attached. It all goes away eventually.

How you gain understanding of the true nature of the “way things are” varies from gradual awakening to fierce discovery but the truth is there for everyone to uncover. Humanity needs to come to grip with this to eliminate the tremendous amount of suffering that exists.

Your consciousness is separate from all the forms and in fact it is that very consciousness that has created all that you consider to be true.

To further understand this listen to this short interview with Eckhart Tolle.

Once you understand the true nature of existence you can begin the process of transformation to align your life with the present moment and reduce the dissatisfaction which leads to suffering which in turn can lead to dangerous and destructive behaviour – which can be easily witnessed by mindfully observing the actual behaviours of society.

Sherman Dahl., Feb 1, 2020