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Where Is The Analysis Of The Deeper Reasons For This Suffering – Why Do These Terrible Things Keep Happening?

The Emily Dahl Foundation was saddened to read the headline below. It seems that war and violence make headlines all too often these days.   

We live in a world which, today, is populated with too many madmen, too many unbalanced maladjusted persons. But because they are not actually raving and jumping so as easily to be identified for what they are, this is seldom understood.


Six dead in shooting

In every human difficulty there are two ways open to us. The common way is familiar enough: it consists in reacting egoistically and emotionally with self-centered complaint, irritability, fear, anger, despair, and so on. The uncommon way is taken by a spiritually minded few: it consists in making something good out of something bad, in reacting selflessly, calmly, constructively, and hopefully. This is the way of practical philosophy, this attempt to transform what outwardly seems so harmful into what inwardly at least must be markedly beneficent. It is a magical work. But it can only be done by deep thought, self-denial, and love. If the difficulty is regarded as both a chance to show what we can do to develop latent resources as well as a test of what we have already developed, it can be made to help us. Even if we do not succeed in changing an unfavorable environment for the better, such an approach would to some extent change ourselves for the better. We must accept, with all its tremendous implications for our past, present, and future, that we are ultimately responsible for the conditions which stamp our life. Such acceptance may help to shatter our egoism and that, even though it is painful, will be all to the good. Out of its challenge can come the most blessed change in ourselves. 

This funny and fleshy body, in which we live and move and have our being, has, through sex and the many other entertainments we demand, become addicted to the modern world. We fall in our millions to the vagaries of short-term pleasures, forgetful that all we see, and touch is followed by quick decay, that which we worship is doomed to crumble. Too many moments of highest enthusiasm on the part of youth are often reserved for the new religion - immense materialism. A whole theology has been built up around the strokes of the throngs of players in the modern world, where the hard hitters are now considered the saints. He who throws his ball far enough may yet send himself, with it, to some new made-up heavenly place! And as for sex, the passions and emotions of the young are deliberately stimulated by the arts of literature, journalism, cinema, and advertising just at the age when they ought to be disciplined.

All mankind must awake from its materialistic apathy and cast out something of its selfishness. It is called upon to renounce its violence and meanness's, its intolerances, unkindnesses, and injustices. It must either emerge from its animal brutality or else suffer itself to be extinguished by it. It must come out from the shadows of ignorance, selfishness, and materialism. Only then will it find the sunshine of a larger life that awaits it.

Throw out negative feelings, expel resentments against other persons, and you will be a better and happier person! 

Emily Dahl and The Emily Dahl Foundation would like to point to a better way. That was clearly the message that Emily herself has left with us. Wake up, people! And, as usual for our Em, what bravery did she show!

 Only through compassion and inner peace, can one spread peace in the world. Inner peace leads to a peaceful individual and then this peaceful individual can build a peaceful family, then a peaceful community, then a peaceful world. Just like all these wonderful young ladies in this picture of Emily's volleyball crew!

The Emily Dahl Foundation
April 3, 2022