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Why Are You Here? Because You Are Here.

This incredible statement about reality and the need for infinite altruism is the miracle that is pointed to in the movie "The Last Full Measure". 

The depth of this statement may be missed by the ordinary but will not be missed by the Saints of this world.

Are there Saints among us? Yes, and you should get to know them. They are around you and within you.

The very core of our being is goodness. It has always been there, and it will always be there. It is the nature of your true self to be kind and loving. For some it is all they are, and they are the ones that are always there for you, they do not judge, and they will take "The Last Full Measure" for you.

Let us consider the enormous work of Shantideva.

Shantideva was a monk at the famed Nalanda University.

Should you find Shantideva and speak with him deeply, he is a friend you will never greet twice.

Shantideva said:

"If the suffering of one ends the suffering of many, then one who has compassion for others and himself must cause that suffering to arise."

The saintly ones live and breathe pure joy. You know who they are. You dream of them, and you see them in action in your waking state.

Have you ever considered who you are in deep sleep? When the body and mind are off, only your true self is there. This ultimate self is the miracle of joy and infinite altruism that is the real self.

Meditate not on your waking or dream states but inquire deep within to uncover your over self - your ultimate state. You actually experience this bliss daily in deep sleep. It is almost as if you are the devil by day and God by night. Find your true self and let it be all you are, like William H. Pitsenbarger, the Saint in the movie "The Last Full Measure".

The Emily Dahl Foundation
February 6, 2022