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YOU are a COOL CAT – Think Different

Europe Floods – More “Tragedy” in the World

Sitting in quiet introspection on the sabbath – even for 1-2 hours in meditation can be helpful. 

The Sabbath was made for the needs of ALL humans, not man for the Sabbath. This is something that is easy to forget or even to not grasp if it was never taught to you in the correct way.

The Sabbath was made for it to take care of us. The intention was that the day of rest would not be a burden for us, but we would embrace its practice and see its value in restoring our minds, bodies, and souls. 

You can totally see Jesus shaking his head at the teachers of the law wondering, “Don’t you get it?”

The Sabbath was meant to provide a rich well of refreshment for the people who practice. Instead, the Pharisees took what was rich, stripped it, and decorated it with their own mundane and ugly religious rules.

It seems that simply resting the ox and the cart and turning to introspection of the way things are might be helpful when reading the never-ending stream of headlines that come at us daily.

Your ego and the picture show that is running in your mind needs to be turned off for you to see things clearly and this does not come easy. But trust in yourself – reality is lurking beyond the illusion you call yourself. The ego is a tricky fellow.

As you read about floods, fires and death consider the truth of life. In fact, you do not need to read about these things – you are them. Have you not experienced them all yourself?

If one truly mediates on ‘death and tragedy’ then it becomes clear that the following MUST be true.

Even stars must die one day, more violently and dramatically than most human beings, for even they come under the law that whatever had a beginning must also have an ending.

This world will flood, burn, blow, shift and shake forever. 

We hear of other people dying and make suitable comments, but we do not feel that the time is coming when this fate will be ours too.

It seems to me that it is not so much that death deprives you of your possessions and relations that we fear – it is the possibility that it deprives us of our consciousness–that is, our ego.

One should be happy to let go of all that silly stuff and enter a world of bliss. Why not grasp the eternal world of non-suffering and why do we assume we must die to attain this?

Those who cry at the inevitability of death are viewing it in a very narrow, short-sighted way. The more mature ought to be thankful that we humans are not condemned to remain forever confined to a single body: this would indeed become a source of anxiety, if not of hopelessness.

Whether this bundle of desires and memories which is the ego, but which some call their soul, will be destroyed at death, or perpetuated, is not an anxiety for the philosopher.

No matter which way one turns the truth is sitting right there.

The more one “enjoys” the world the more they suffer when they leave it–unless they have learnt to put detachment behind the enjoyment.

You are but a squatter in this rented house of the body. You have no certainty of possession. There is no lease on fancy paper with a stamp to guarantee even a single year, so wake up to the reality of the way things are and Don’t Worry, Be Happy!