“You Is Doing You.” – The Emily Dahl Foundation

“You Is Doing You.”

All that is, is as simple as that. 

A close friend of The Emily Dahl Foundation recently said this to the writer, and it was so brilliant and simple.  

"You Is Doing You". 

Link this with the contemplation that you, as well, are also the boss's son. 

This video by Alan Watts is fantastic to expand on "You Is Doing You." 
His essential message, and the whole point and joy of human life, as he shared in the preface to his autobiography In My Own Way, was to “integrate the spiritual with the material”. He believed that this could only be done by carving “your own way”, by “accepting your own karma”, and by “following your own weird.” 

In other words, "You Is Doing You". 

Sherman Dahl
The Emily Dahl Foundation