Finding joy and dealing with mental health: The Solution? Find your inner purpose! – The Emily Dahl Foundation

Finding joy and dealing with mental health: The Solution? Find your inner purpose!

“It is from life and experience, events and books, nature and art, intuition and meditation that one is to gain incentive for positive thought and get inspiration for positive conduct.  Paul Young and Ted Ohlsen gave us all a healthy dose of just that. It was beautiful. ” – Sherman Dahl, The Emily Dahl Foundation

Hello everyone,

Wow, what an incredible evening to be able to host such a remarkable event. The Emily Dahl Foundation would like to thank everyone that was able to attend in person and virtually. We would like to thank everyone that helped out who made this night a success.

Thank you, Paul Young, for such an amazing story that has resonated with so many people to help better understand themselves and dealing with mental health. Your influence to share your personal experiences and express what you have learned in your path of life will only educate and propel people to look deeper into themselves and the situations that they deal with. Your truth and positive outlook have touched us all.

Thank you so much Ted Ohlsen for joining us virtually and telling your story to help inspire and motivate us all to be positive and focus on happiness. Also thank you William for helping out Ted to be able to join us for the evening.

We would also like to thank Kevin Rothwell for being tonight’s emcee. Thank you, Lisa Wippich Tobin, for the insightful introduction of Paul Young. Jeremy Wilson & Leanne Hammond thank you for your kind words and awarding the first ever Emily Dahl Foundation scholarship to Iseult Colclough.

If you were not able to join us during our live event, we will be posting the full event on The Emily Dahl Foundation YouTube Channel and also you will be able to find the event on the Facebook Event page.

Photo Credits: Katie Dahl


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